How to View a Property

Before starting, know that you will need a credit/debit card and a phone with internet access. Please print these instructions out or look at them on your phone when you are there.

**for 1033 W Kings Hwy there are no self-showings. You must fill out an application first and then call us (717 442 0442) to schedule

**for 618 E Lincoln Hwy front door code is 0618

1. If the property is “Available now” there should be a Rently self-showing box on it. Please check the website right before you go to make sure it is still there. If the property gets rented it will come off the website almost immediately. If you’re not sure, call us.
2. Arrive at the property anytime between 7am and 8pm
3. Call 717-921-4004 on your mobile phone: listen to the message
4. Inquiring about a property: press 1
5. Enter street number of property or serial number of box: enter #
6. Receive instructions on view: press 1
7. Confirm phone number: press 1
8. Check your text messages and click link
9. Orange bar at the bottom click Enter Property Yourself
10. Scroll down to “At the Property” and click Check in
11. Verify phone number and continue following the instructions
12. You will need a valid credit card to verify your identity: it will charge you 99 cents. You enter your information on the secure website, there is no card reader on the lockbox
13. When you get the code, punch the numbers in and open the lockbox
14. Take the key and leave the box open
15. When you are finished, make sure the door is locked and put the key back