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joe_leofskyCompass Property Mgmt LLC was formed to help property owners maximize their profits and minimize their headaches. Joseph  Leofsky has over 25 years experience in residential and commercial real estate. Compass Property Mgmt LLC can help property owners with leasing, buying and selling investment properties.

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In order to view a property we require that you fill out an application below.

If you are interested in more than one property please only fill out one application for the property you are most interested in. If you change your mind we can transfer your application with a simple phone call.

There is a $25 application fee (used only to run credit, criminal, and eviction reports) but you can wait to pay it until after you view the property and decide to continue pursuing it. Please know that anyone age 18 or older must also fill out the application and pay the application fee.

Please note that the more information you provide, the faster the process will go and the easier it will be.